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Welcome to "Smoak and Queen", a collection of Olicity fanfiction! Olicity is the "shipname" for Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak from TV's "Arrow" on the CW. My hope is that this will become a great depository for fantastic fic about our favorite star-crossed couple on television. We are the home of 2 authors from among our 39 members. There have been 1 reviews written about our 3 stories. A special welcome to our newest member, Genius892050.
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A Trust Not Betrayed by callistawolf All Ages
Oliver is upset when he learned Felicity brought Barry in on their secret. ...
Main Categories
Alternate Universe [0] These are stories that exist far outside of canon and take the characters we know and love and place them in entirely different situations. Examples would be: High School AU, Coffee Shop AU, Movie AU, etc.
Future!Fic [0] Stories that take place in the future from the canon of the show, often featuring an established relationship
Other [0] Poetry, Real Person Fic (RPF), and anything that defies any of the other categories!
Crackfics [0] These stories defy logic, often with hilarious results. Breaking the fourth wall, meta!fic, moreso than Alternate Universe, crack is fic gone entirely off the rails.
Missing Scene [5] Sometimes the show doesn't show us *everything* that happens. Sometimes there's a conversation or a moment that we would like to see a little closer.
Universe Alteration [0] These are stories that take canon and either fix or change the progression. Maybe Tommy didn't die at the end of season one or what if Oliver never broke up with Laurel?
Crossover [0] Where fandoms collide! Maybe our favorite pair meets up with the Winchester brothers or Arrow goes toe to toe with Hawkeye from the Marvel Universe. The sky is literally the limit!
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I Needed a Picture by lunarsilverwolfstar All Ages
Obtaining a picture of his favourite IT girl was easy, but the way she made...

A Trust Not Betrayed by callistawolf All Ages
Oliver is upset when he learned Felicity brought Barry in on their secret. ...

you won't get hurt if you stay chaste by callistawolf All Ages
Barry Allen is in town and he and Felicity are getting along very well. Ma...

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Welcome to Olicity Fanfiction!
I had a crazy idea one afternoon, that having a fanfiction archive for Olicity fanfiction would be awesome. Luckily, my husband was on hand to help when the installation went less than smoothly (that's putting it mildly)!

Right now, we're open for business! Register, submit your stories and get the word out! Olicity is endgame and Smoak & Queen is here to stay!

- -callistawolf on December 09 2013 - 12:50AM []
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